Stories Transform Lives

Stories Transform Lives

Stories transform lives. We are surrounded by stories. Stories; both good and bad, spread like wildfire. There are so many different types of stories we tell and hear; but there is one in particular that is by far the most powerful. (More on that later)

Our entire Yshift Movement is built on the incredible, transformative power of story. We have seen firsthand how one person’s story of courage and inspiration can be the catalyst for another to draw encouragement and motivation from. Telling the right story is important. Being deliberate about the type of stories we share and put into the world is an honourable responsibility we take seriously.

It began in the simplest way. Decades ago in fact. CEO of Yshift, Susan Dean had begun a career in youth work. They assigned her Rebecca, an introverted and highly-troubled teenager. Rebecca had a reputation for being hard to deal with. Sending counsellors off on stress-leave was one of her favourite pastimes. Reading Rebecca’s history was confronting. Things had happened to this young woman that no child should have ever experienced. To relate personally to this story was something few could do. Unless you’d been through heinous and severe childhood trauma, it was almost impossible to understand the feelings that remained bottled up within this fragile girl. To offer the traditional counselling words of, “I understand” or “I can relate” weren’t possible in this case. Desperate to help but knowing her limitations to truly understand, Susan remembered her childhood friend, Danielle. A close friend who had been through a sometimes difficult upbringing. Knowing her friend well, she knew Danielle wouldn’t mind being used as an example.

Susan began to tell the true story of her friend, Danielle. Rebecca and Susan sat for more than an hour as Susan recounted Danielle’s personal story. Little did Susan realize at the time that this was all Rebecca needed. She needed to know it was possible to make it through the other side. She needed to know that someone else had experienced such terrible circumstance and still endeavoured to make a great life for themselves.

This one simple act of sharing a true story set fire to this young girl’s soul. She got up, brushed herself off and made a pact to regain her life. Susan and Rebecca spent the remaining time writing her future goal list and the steps she would need to get there.

In one split second, this haunted young lady turned into a firecracker of enthusiasm. Sure, there was still obstacles to climb over and deep unresolved issues to deal with, but there was one thing Rebecca was armed with that trumped all others – the fact that she now knew she could do it. Danielle had overcome a similar obstacle and made a wonderful life for herself — and she could too.

You see, sometimes all we need is someone to have conquered a challenge in order for us to realise that it’s possible.


It’s the one that you tell yourself.

If you tell yourself that you’re worthless and that you’ll never get through his heartache – then you play that story out time and time again. If you tell yourself that “It is possible” and “I can handle whatever comes my way,” then your inner story reflects your ability. In summation: Rebecca told herself a new story. One where she could be victorious regardless of circumstance.

Be aware of the stories you tell yourself. They are ruling your world. Are your stories setting up limitations for you? Or, are your stories creating a powerful mindset?

We have created this platform of stories for you to shift your life. Stories that inspire, educate, motivate and entertain. True stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We know by sharing stories, by communicating them in all forms: through books, film, media, eBook and social media that we can help transform lives. It only takes one story to make a difference. Could it be yours?

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Susan is the founder and CEO of the YSHIFT Movement — a global self-development multi-media publishing platform that helps people make positive shifts in their life. Susan is the CEO of Dean Publishing and a qualified life and business coach. Susan is passionate about family, innovation, books, travel, business and helping people live their best life.,

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