Healing a World – Louise’s Legacy Lives On

Healing a World – Louise’s Legacy Lives On

Few people breeze into the publishing world and alter it forever. Louise Hay however did just that. What began as a small handmade workbook for her Christian Science clients ended up becoming an international bestseller. You Can Heal Your Life was in fact Louise’s second book after Heal your Body which she wrote at age 60. Louise was a self-proclaimed late-bloomer, saying “I didn’t begin anything until 50.”

Being 50 myself this year she has always been my inspiration whenever I doubted myself, I would say “Susan, your not too old to start a Publishing Company and launch a Global Yshift Movement, Louise Hay began at 50”.

But once Louise began, she couldn’t be stopped. You Can Heal Your Life went on to sell in access of 40 million copies and has been translated in over 30 languages.

Despite her massive success Louise Hay isn’t only known as a successful woman in publishing. She pioneered an entire movement and bought healing, love and peace to countless human beings all over the planet. Her work in the area of AIDS was particularly revolutionary for the time.

Her outlook on life and affirmative nature captured our hearts. Her life was her message, and it’s this legacy that she leaves behind. A legacy that lives on in the heart and souls of the millions she touched.

When asked about the subject of death Louise wrote:

Remember, death is not negative. Death is a positive step in life. We are all going to leave this life at some point and there is nothing to be afraid of. I have always had this very strong feeling that we arrive in the middle of the movie, and we leave in the middle of the movie. The movie is continuous. We enter and we exit. All of us do that. There’s no wrong time or right time, there’s just our time—it was our time to be born and our time to go.

I believe that long before we arrive, the soul makes the choice to experience certain lessons—lessons about loving each other and ourselves. When we learn the lesson of love, we may leave with joy. There is no need for pain or suffering. We know that next time, wherever we choose to incarnate, we will take all of the love with us.

If you are caring for someone who is dying, focus on who they are as a person, not on their disease. I like to remind them of how wonderful they are—how funny, thoughtful, wise, or kind. And I often bring up favorite memories of our time together. Most important, I allow them to lead the process. We need to respect where people are. I simply ask how they feel in any given situation, and let their answer direct where our conversation will go from there.

The more peaceful we can be with this experience, the easier it will be.


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