Andy Marriott has gained a wealth of knowledge from a wide range of life experiences. At 17 years of age Andy joined the New South Wales Police Cadet Corps and went on to complete 16 years of service. During these years he was exposed to victims of serious assaults, car accidents, drug abuse, domestic disputes, theft, murder and suicide to name a few. He had to become hardened to the darker side of life.

Following on from this career he entered the world of self-employment and after almost suffering financial ruin with his first venture, has since gone on to resurrect and redevelop many businesses in different fields, ranging from wholesale fruit juice to retail floor coverings, real estate and commercial fencing. His current project is a beachside healthy food, juice and smoothie café—Raw Energy in Coolum Beach. Andy has also used his broad experience to help and coach others with their business ventures.

Andy met his wife Megan later in his police career; they had two children together and moved to Queensland. Here, all the family became involved in a wide range of sports and community organisations as the children—Glenn and Jaimi, progressed through their schooling and into sport competition.

Andy believed that his original police career had exposed and hardened him to pretty much all that life could throw at a person. How untrue this turned out to be, when late one evening he received a visit from the local police to tell him that his son, and first child, Glenn, had taken his own life.

Andrew’s mission is to help raise awareness about suicide and change the way in which we talk and think about it. This change, though too late for his beloved Glenn, is not too late for others. True change begins with all of us—our awareness, our attitudes and our education; on what has notoriously been, a neglected, but all too common subject.



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